There is no “I want to be as good as before!”

You can not!

Health, happiness and well-being, depression, illness, and unhappiness are not an illusion; they are not a myth – they are real, and we experience them in every moment of our lives.

Illness in a holistic perspective is the best teacher. It doesn’t happen overnight, no.

When you sit quietly with yourself (if you are used to sitting), try to make a retrospective of the last 5 years of your life. What have you done since 2019?
What happened? What new experiences did you have? What transformations have taken place?
Know! As if it was yesterday!
Have you finished or started a form of education? Have you started a family or gone through a divorce? Have you lost a friend or a parent? A child?

When was the last time you analyzed?
How is your relationship going? How do you interact?
How do you feel today in 2024 – what changes, and in what aspects of your life did you notice these changes?

Do you oppose resistance to change?

Everything happens with a particular purpose, and above all, it happens at the right time.

In vain, you run and strive to please others, to wait for their gratitude, appreciation and approval. You are a drop from a whole; you are not here by chance, and your presence is not a coincidence!

Many people recommend themselves as specialists and therapists, and when you put aside the advertisement, you realize that beyond the marketing, they are empty on the inside…
Those who read a book or listened to a podcast did not have that experience – see how they look in real life – not the story life they display on social networks.

It’s critical to do a self-assessment to prioritize your options and see where you have work to do – work with yourself on yourself.

Don’t waste a moment. Apply what you have learned from the experiences. That’s what you’re here for! You are here to experiment!

The choice you make today will affect your condition in the future!

There is no cure, cure or treatment; there are solutions that deceive the symptoms but do not solve the cause.

I no longer resonate with the term healing – it seems commercial to me, something that promises and conditions, with many rigours, often unjustified costs, and frequently a lack of professionalism.

The holistic approach for results – “healing”, needs two factors.
First, the therapist with experience and passion for his work is downright fascinated.
The second factor – the patient – wants (not only at the declarative level) to “heal”.
A connection is formed between the patient and the therapist. As long as the connection is supported by both, dynamics appear (as in any other form of relationship), the therapist picks up a thread and follows the thread, and the patient understands why he has reached the point where he is. From here begins the transformation, not the healing, the transformation!

You can’t wish to “be as good as before!” if you were fine before, why are you at the point where you are? (see the self-assessment part)

I wish you a prosperous life and wisdom!

Essential oils & Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is not about making the house smell lovely.

Essential oils are more than a logo or a stamp that sells better or offers “guarantees” related to the composition of certain products ( food, drink, personal care & beauty).

Because this article is published on my blog, I treat the subject in my way and assume what I say.
As you have noticed in my articles, I prefer to come up with analogies with the explicit aim of being understood by everyone.
I don’t think the approach is out of place, but this time I will try to explain to you what essential oils mean in my view. Because of this, choosing something equally important, I could even say indispensable is necessary.

I chose the footwear! You read well! FOOTWEAR
It is indispensable! It is necessary and adapted to each season and each purpose (activity) for which it is to be worn. There are several categories; I remember a few: Boots, ankle boots, shoes, sandals, and house slippers.
The role of footwear is to keep the feet at the optimal warm/cold temperature to keep the feet dry. There is also special footwear: for running, mountain climbing, bicycle/motorcycle racing, diving, ballet, etc. – also included in the footwear category.
If someone chooses to participate in the event that has a particular etiquette, where a dress code is imposed – to the theatre or the opera, for example, you can go wearing diving shoes – in the worst case, he will not be allowed access to the hall, because it does not respect the dress code, the risk of getting in the way and causing an accident is increased, others can be injured – in a way it makes sense.
Just as well, someone may want to go rock climbing and wear Stilettos with 12cm heels… the same story – she puts herself at risk of injury, and if that happens, so do those she’s connected to the rope who are also at risk – obviously.
I can say that footwear has “evolved” over time. Each period had (and has) different needs, and this led to development. What shapes does footwear have today? – How many designers are there on the market? The materials from which it is made – previously, natural fibres were used, and synthetic fibres appeared. It is not surprising that the combination of natural and synthetic fibres also appeared, the texture of the fibres… Let’s not forget style, utility, and safety, it depends on the occasion, but there are situations where we match the shoes with the clothes.
That’s all I can say in short about how important footwear is.

I will now move on to the Essential Oils.
From the beginning, I cannot help but draw your attention to a simple aspect. As simple as it is serious. Many people (from all over the world) DO NOT DIFFERENTIATE between a chemical element (for more references, look for Mendeleev’s Table), a chemical compound (several elements found in nature) and CHEMICALS – a label given generically to one or more mixtures (synthetic) elements and artificial treatments.
Essential Oils, like footwear, are of several types for different uses.
Chemistry, Biochemistry, as time passed, evolved, improved their technology and deepened the studies regarding Essential Oils.
The plant from which the Essential Oil is extracted is significant – the environment in which it grew; they are plants grown in protected areas – grown naturally, without coming into contact with CHEMICALS (which have the role of keeping pests at a distance and protecting it from diseases). However, some plants undergo chemical treatments.
The method of extracting the Essential Oil (cold pressing, steam distillation, etc.) is significant. From which part of the plant is the Essential Oil extracted – because this is also important (I have attached an example below).

Exactly with footwear, I talked a little about designers; I tried talking about producers in Essential Oils’ case.
The companies producing Essential Oils offer the finished product; they pay attention to the packaging (I mean directly to the container in which it is stored – leave the cardboard box), to storage and very significantly to the information they provide on the label!
What should the consumer pay attention to? Obviously, first of all, the information provided on the product label. After which, find out more about the company – what the company is oriented towards. Is the company looking for a profit as large as possible and in the shortest possible time? What else does the company offer you besides the finished product? It’s nothing funny – it’s very serious!

Today, there are still people who think they can lose 10 kg HEALTHY in a month (here on Earth!) with miracle products that contain 100% natural ingredients!

So what do you think about such a company?

I’ve heard many opinions against Essential Oils – from places where you’d expect less, and I don’t want to arouse anyone, I limit myself to describing them simply – alleged therapists who sit with buckets on their heads and pretend they’re on the Red Carpet. One who recommends a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and giving up Essential Oils… (friend, you really have a big bucket in your head).

I personally use them; I use them because they are a source of elements (if necessary, review Mendeleev’s table) – natural elements – present in nature in pure form – not with help and intervention.
Here I think it is necessary to mention CPTG – Certified Pure Tested Grade. Through this stamp on the packaging, the manufacturing company (the designer) assumes that what is written on the label is in the bottle – it assures you of the purity of the product, its content and the fact that it is not tampered with. If the company is notified that something does not correspond (what is in the bottle and what is on the label), the company withdraws the badge. It replaces it on the company’s costs – (when I said to look for you to see what the company is oriented towards.. .)
The company is responsible until the moment you unwrap the bottle (recommended to purchase directly from the manufacturer – not through intermediaries). The moment you open the bottle, you also have responsibility. Do you know what’s in the bottle? Do you know how and what it is used for? Did you document yourself on the internet (did you find a reliable source?)? have you received guidance – who is that person? What training and experience does he have? what is it aimed at? You have the bottle in your hand – it says on the bottle that it can be taken internally or topically and can be or must be diluted in the quantity you are using. THE CHOICE is yours; YOU DECIDE. The company is not to blame because someone did not follow the instructions for use.

It’s like walking on a mountain and seeing a group of climbers. You don’t know them, you don’t know who those people are, but you would like to climb. You don’t have the equipment or know anything about this sport, but you know you want to try it. So you approach the group and start interacting with those in the group. Are you looking for a guide, or are you looking for someone who is willing (at any risk) to put you on a harness and hang the harness onto the first rope (regardless of the risk and consequences) to see you on the top of the mountain? Who are you looking for?
You will talk to an experienced person, who will give you an introduction, will talk about equipment, physical condition, preparation stages, will do an assessment to see what your level is – maybe you have tried before, you are physically fit, and he gives you a demonstration, helps you put on a harness, gives you an ice axe to hold in your hand, lifts you up on the rope 30 cm from the ground to see what the sensation is. After that, if you want to practice, the instructor tells you where to take information regarding the courses and recommends you buy equipment. Pay attention to the WHY. Why do you need training, why do you need equipment, why do you need the team? – you were there, you saw others practising, you talked to someone, you tried – under safe conditions – the decision IS YOURS – you want to practice for yourself, or you want to join a team – you decide.
Or, you would talk to someone who can wear climbing gear, but doesn’t climb, walks around and explains to everyone how great climbing is. Everyone could practise climbing; everyone should climb because it’s available to everyone and has fantastic benefits. It’s not that expensive, and there are no risks. Then, he sells you complete equipment on the spot (what matters is that it’s a matter of the moment, but you’ll have to keep the equipment hanging on a nail, you’ll live with the illusion that you have done something for yourself – the illusion) and it tells you about the feeling you will have when you are on the top of the ridge! – but he, in his life, has never climbed a wall higher than 10 meters – but he knows with precision and accuracy what it’s like on the ridge!
Which of the two do you choose? Whose recommendation do you follow? The one who sends you to inform yourself, to have an idea of ​​how you can integrate mountaineering into your life and how much you can get involved or the one who sold you the equipment and leaves you to do as you can, as you succeed …

The same happens with Essential Oils, and there you can find a guide, who will be patient and have an answer to your WHY, and there is also a category that sells you complete equipment, adds you to a group, and there to manage. So are there chances that you leave the kit of Essential Oils on a shelf and stop using them or forget about them? OOO YES!

No matter which guide model you choose, it is not the fault of the company, and it is not the fault of the Essential Oils (I am referring to the natural Essential Oils ones, not others); they are a source of natural elements and components – necessary (indispensable) for a healthy and balanced life. This is the result of your choice.

In this article, I shared with you from my experience what Essential Oils mean in my view – what they are and what makes the difference between a natural Essential Oil and other bottles with nice labels that pretend to have natural things inside.
I am not talking about marketing strategies; I am not talking about business, so I have not mentioned the name of any company. I’m not advertising – I tried explaining what Essential Oils means to me.

I will try to give a simple definition of Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses Essential Oils to improve physical and emotional well-being. Essential oils are derived from plants (Mendeleev’s Table) and have been used for centuries to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and ease physical pain.
Aromatherapy can be used in various ways, including through massage, diffusers, and topical application. Massage therapy is one of the most popular uses for Aromatherapy as it helps to relax the body and mind while providing relief from muscle aches and pains. Diffusers help to spread the scent throughout an area ( when you diffuse natural Essential Oil from the right source – not a small bottle with a mention on the label – contain natural ingredients – “it is safe” – you can poise yourself whit no safe products). In contrast, the topical application helps target specific areas of the body.
No matter how you use Essential Oils in Aromatherapy, they can profoundly improve or affect your physical and emotional health.

I wish you a prosperous life and wisdom.

Yang-Sheng Fohow Meridian Massager

Yang-Sheng Fohow Meridian Massager

Medicine Traditional Chinese has been around for millennia and has solid principles. The main objective that practitioners have is the principle of balance. They are restoring the balance between Yin & Yang and removing blockages.
Qi is the harmonious combination of Yin (feminine energy) and Yang (masculine energy). Qi is a flow, the energy flow that runs through the body through a network (not chaotic); this network is organized and structured and is known as the energy meridians of the body. The network comprises 14 meridians, which control each function and organ in the body. The acupuncture points on these meridians – MTC has identified 365 acupuncture points, each point cone-shaped, 2 mm square, and the large base is located deep in the skin. Acupoints are particularly important because you work directly in the body’s energy matrix by acting on them.
Fohow therapy is applied according to the principle of MTC.
The massage device can work two ways, to do a procedure for someone or self-massage.
The device emits a low-intensity current (regulated); for the procedure, special gloves are made of textile material with silver wire in the fabric – a good conductor of electric current. Pads are often used in self-therapy; two pairs (+/-) will be placed on specific or painful places on the body. The gloves and the pads are connected to the device through special cables.
Elements such as Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium – have a specific electrical charge. These elements are used by the body (ions) to generate energy (electricity).
The power emitted by the device is 29 watts – the wave is continuous and pulsating – it does not cause pain even if the electricity penetrates deep into the skin.
The device’s voltage is converted from electrical current into biocurrents.
The measurements showed the resistance value of the gloves to be 8.3 ohm, which ensures the optimal level of biocurrent conductivity during the procedure.
Some of the benefits of Fohow therapy

  • the balance between Yin & Yang,
  • restores the optimal energy flow,
  • improves blood circulation
  • activates metabolism & detox

It has excellent results in everything related to the pathology of bones, ligaments, muscles, and joints, including fascia.
Rheumatic diseases;
Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Arthrosis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Stretches, PMS.
Ischemic diseases;
Gastrointestinal disorders;
Constipation, Hemorrhoids;
Stress relief

The results can feel from the first therapy. It would be best if you did not shower or bathe two hours before and two hours after the procedure.
For ladies, the procedure must not take place during the period. It is essential that if you have implants, prostheses, bypasses or stents (metal objects) in the body, mention this critical detail to the therapist because the practitioner must take this detail into account BEFORE any manoeuvre is included in the therapy.
The therapy also gives excellent results in body care, remodelling, and face lifting – but I will discuss these aspects in another article.

I wish you a prosperous life and wisdom.

ZYTO Technology & Biofeedback

It’s not an oddity. It is not a hoax. It is not a therapy and has no contraindications.

I started the description with what it is not to make it easier to understand what ZYTO is.

It is a technology that combines biology with technology (Biotechnology). It works based on the galvanic response of the skin (GRS). It is composed of two elements: the software and the hand-cradle device have the shape of a hand and are more prominent than an ordinary PC mouse connected to a laptop or desktop. The hand cradle is made of a special plastic, and on the top are incorporated 6 elements (the fingers and the bridge of the palm) made of a special metal alloy.
The contact surface between the hand and the hand cradle occurs on the metal elements. The software runs the scan, and the hand cradle emits an electrical impulse (imperceptible) to which the skin of the hand emits a galvanic response, and thus, the scan takes place.

The technology works; if a finger is raised (even partially) on the computer screen, you can see – during the scan, the hand cradle appears on the screen, and the metal elements are grey when the hand is placed on the hand cradle and make contact, automatically on the screen the metallic elements change colour – they go from grey to yellow (like a light bulb). If you lift a finger on the screen, it shows which finger you lifted. If you raise your whole hand, the scanning stops instantly.
It is excluded for the scan to continue if you put a toy or a wet cloth on the hand cradle – excluded.
The scan takes 7-10 minutes on average. The software uses virtual biomarkers and issues reports. It is essential who interprets the report. The technology works based on the body’s energy meridians – I mentioned above that the device emits an impulse to which the skin responds.

The standard report has between 15 and 19 pages; if the knowledge of the one making the interpretation is limited to what is written on the report, there is still a long way to go before interpreting and making connections between the information provided in the report.

Scanning takes place on four segments (systems)
Detoxification System, Gastro-Intestinal System, Hormonal/Endocrine System and Immune System.
Zyto practically measures homeostasis and issues personalized reports – it shows you the current when the scan takes place.
The time interval between two scans is recommended as 21-28 days. So if you do 3 scans in a day, you will have 3 different reports – I mean information. Also, if you run a marathon and have 3 appointments at 3 blood collection centres, don’t be surprised that you will have different values ​​on the analysis reports – I am NOT referring here to people who are under medical treatment, which requires cutting blood because of the changes that occurred following the medication administration – let’s stay specific and not confuse them.
You can have a scan depending on the time and place you agreed with the person who operates the scan. Scanning can take place remotely. Typically, the report is accompanied by recommendations, – including doing medical tests.

In my practice, ZYTO is a tool I use in consultation when I make recommendations; after several scans (over time), you can see and analyze the difference, and I keep the records easily.
ZYTO is not created to sell products and is not a therapy. In this article, I explained ZYTO technology and how it works.

I wish you a prosperous life and wisdom.

Welcome to Tree Of Your Life Holistic & Therapy

My name is Andreea. Probably many of you know me from the articles published since 2019 in which I share my experience and knowledge acquired during my practice.

This part of my blog is meant to complete my activity and is addressed to the practice I am currently carrying out. Since my training enjoyed transformations during the pandemic, I developed, adapted and redefined what I do. As a result, I do exactly what I like.

I chose to create two categories of the blog, one of which remains Tree Of Your Life – within which the articles are connected: Why? How? When? For what reason? (etc.) … my life sparkles/ doesn’t sparkle at the moment! I usually give examples and explain without using language that is not easy to understand. My goal is to support understanding why our life looks exactly the way it is.

The Tree Of Your Life Holistic & Therapy category contains articles about applicability. In this category, you can find articles about biotechnologists, knowledge related to Medicine Traditional Chinese, and aromatherapy.

I am delighted to answer the questions. Thank you in this way to those who leave comments on the articles.
In the comments, for nothing, add links to online stores, casinos, or where can I buy CBD for dogs cheaper, or ghost companies that deal with obtaining visas – these are just a few examples. The links will not be published. However, if you add links related to what I am exposing here, I will analyze them and post them immediately.

That’s all I have to announce; thank you for being with me and appreciating my work. You can comment or send me a message using the contact form on the right.

I wish you a prosperous life and wisdom!

How is your life?

The current context, which shows signs of continuing, and I believe it’s a situation that covers the entire world, it’s a created situation! It didn’t come out of nowhere, it didn’t happen by mistake, and I don’t want to list other very popular theories and beliefs at the moment, I’d rather stick to my opinions and conclusions, and I’ll just mention that these opinions are based on practice.

Worldwide, more and more people are realizing that they need help, support, and guidance, and that’s great! For the most part, people start looking for answers, solutions, and information on their own – discovering groups, therapies, and alternative solutions they didn’t know about before – although they all existed in the past! I am glad because humanity is waking up and connecting to self-awareness!

I am not referring here to people who hunt every news story, to make the last great things on the wallpaper! I’m not even referring to the category that finds at least one problem with each solution!

I am referring to that category, which is aware that everything has an answer and a solution in us. Not around us, nothing happened because of our neighbour, boss, mayor, the system, etc. – it is as it is because of the succession of choices and actions that we have taken and undertaken over time.

The moment you make connections, (and you don’t rush to publish them on all social channels, through which you want to stand out only as a ‘spiritual’ or evolved person, who made the leap in I do not know what dimension…) and the first tendency is to sit quietly, to listen to your body, to explore that state, to spend time with yourself, to do with pleasure what you do, even if you correct your child, do it gently, listen to the things you didn’t hear before…

This tendency to evolve in leaps, (from 3D to 5D to 7D) and obviously as fast as possible, and obviously all the results and qualifications and skills (2 courses, 3 seminars and it’s boldly recommended, Counselors… counsellors in anything!) at hand …  shows you the depth of man, the foundation that underlies the services he offers.

Invest in yourself! Experiment! Discover your unknown aspects! Leave the rush aside!

Stop looking for standard recipes, there is no such thing! What suits someone, can’t fit anyone else! We each got our own path, the universe takes care to bring in our way everything that is best and most wonderful for us, to teach us something.

You can’t see the misery in the other … what you consider miserable in the other person, actually is unresolved in you. (In an older article, I mentioned a circle of roses and a stable, I made an analogy to smells).

I wish you a prosperous life and wisdom!

Have you assumed your own destiny?

Did you choose the right person? Do you want to be in that relationship, or you’re just in a relationship? Do you have common goals? That’s how a coaching session – relationships begins. The answers are of high quality, patients are invited to have a pencil and paper at their reach, not to write the questions or answers, but to point the essentials. – What do I mean when I say: essential points … I mean those moments when, the light comes on, and they realize that an idea or a belief that they have about something it is so only in their reality, and they come to realize that in the concrete reality things are completely different.

Because I like to give examples, about 50% at the first question has a timely YES, about 30% do not know and 20% a definitely no. The second question already has a substrate, and the third question in many cases is preceded by an extended sigh … and answers: ‘We were on holiday in Spain, for New Year’s Ever we’ll go to New York’, another category: ‘ We want to change our car ‘, another category ‘raise children, go to college? They get a job ”And starting from here, the discussion really begins, we re-analyze the first and second question (that is, I come with helpful questions) and they start to understand! I rarely meet face to face, occasionally on Skype – please believe me, the vast majority of those I had the opportunity to see non-verbal, their expression was like a person, lost in the jungle, who woke up with a crocodile in front of them. – this when they realize that in fact ‘The lover’ is supported financially to stay at home because she is beautiful and smart and that he loves her a lot and that they can have children and he assures everything from a financial point of view, but in fact ‘The lover’ is kept at home because in that way he can control her: where she goes, when she goes, with whom she goes, and obviously, she has as much money as he gives her and… when they have arguments, what is their main content? He, as a responsible man, comes home from work and expects everything to be in perfect order and everything to sparkle around – especially where there children, this is particularly difficult – and from a moment, the food starts to be no longer good, the tidiness and cleanliness no longer rises to the highest standards and it begins to rain with discontent, with reproaches and little by little, the harmony starts to disappear, austerity settling in.

Afterwards, there is the situation in which both partners have jobs, where at first they worked together and performed the domestic activities together, after which gradually it became the responsibility of one of the partners – and after a while, the arguments appear as in the previous example.

Please make a difference between the fact that not all relationships are the same, I do not generalize, I approach the subject by means of the people I work with, people who have encountered situations like this and suffered enough, enough in the sense that they have come to search for solutions to go beyond the context in which they were blocked, they are aware of the compromise and they have a clear intention to overcome it.

   Most people when they decide to seek help have already fallen in victimization, guilt,… how is that?

‘He offends me, doesn’t appreciate me, I sacrificed myself, I became ill, I did everything I could and everything is equal to zero …’ – that’s what I get to hear … and I ask ‘Why did you stay there? followed by a long line of words- considered arguments, and then that click happens, when the bulb lights up and the person understands (when I say she understands, I do not mean that she approves, or nods) I mean she understands with all her being) that the last round of words were not arguments but a round of excuses! And why is it obvious ??? Because the person is astounded! Dismayed… I was saying something above a crocodile!

The next step is an analysis, an analysis in which the person is aware of what doesn’t let us be happy, what is closing our shutters. And what do we do? We find that we do not like that thing or the other,  and what do we do? We tell our partner: ‘Stop doing that, or that’ – and we do not realize that at that moment we restrict them, violate his freedom, and what’s the other person’s reaction most often? He wants to run away! And we wonder why? Why? Who desires or feels good about being constantly criticized, not accepted? Starting from the premise that love means acceptance …

      In many cases, extra-marital relationships happen – those don’t happen by mistake, they happen with a purpose, I don’t want to say it’s caused by stupidity I say by naivety – naivety related to consequences. Not necessarily only in this context (there are others but in this context, I identified the most frequent). When you screw up, what do you do? You come and attack – attack with the purpose of avoiding attention from the stupidity you did. – the certain attacks are made of? Sometimes attacks of jealousy, most often reproach: ‘ You did it again or you didn’t do I don’t know what !’, ridiculousness and they also have the performance to consider themselves victims! What should you pay attention to? The mess made is directly proportional to the ferocity of the attack! And why is he attacking you? Because the person is aware of the stupidity that he did (or does), he feels somewhere guilty and in this way, he punishes himself and the person at home!

In conclusion … don’t get excited when you see codes and fingerprints for unlocking cell phones … these are from my grandmother’s time, it is similar to: ‘She found a good boy! He doesn’t drink and nor smoke. ‘

       When I say and sustain ‘No one is responsible for the disaster and calamity of your life! Because of you’re in this context, after your choices and what you have accepted ”- and the crocodile appears!

The same ‘scented sweetness’ when do we spend too much when we struggle to set someone aside when we disagree with something or someone, it’s another kind of silliness. When you buy an expensive pair of shoes, or an expensive purse, an expensive suit, and … you get home and it is not that comfortable as it is in stores, and it does not come to you as in the stores … what do you do? Do thunder and lightning come? Do you recognize yourself? Did the crocodile appear?

        How does the Bible begin? (and not just the Bible) “In the beginning was the word. The word was from God. God was the Word, ‘in the article’ Restore your balance ‘I explained how the mechanism works.

‘We understand that thought is the finest form of energy, thought generates emotion. Obviously, a positive thought generates a positive emotion, and a negative thought generates a negative emotion. A thought that from the beginning has polarity (positive or negative), has information and vibration, attracts by resonance exactly the same informational and vibrational frequency. As a result of this ‘phenomenon,’ we bring well-being, success, balance, disease, failure and implicitly the imbalance in our body and life. ‘

In conclusion, pay close attention to what you think, say and do … our words decorate, scent and embellish our life, home, family, relationships, business keeps us cars in services, bring us delays of payment and delivery, confusions of all types: you order red and blue arrives, you order size 6 and size 4 arrives or vice versa. It’s not anyone’s fault! It’s interesting until you own it! In no way should you accept to indulge yourself in an uncomfortable situation! Do not extinguish your spark within in any circumstance.

          Thank you for following me and I wish the above lines to be useful to you.

   I wish you prosperous life and wisdom!

Do you know that one word can shadow your future?

   You have obstacles and barriers in every step you make and you often live with the feeling that you’re the only person in the world that can go through some experiences, that is only you who has bad luck but be patient, nothing is predestined.

   In my field of work, I am in constant contact with people, people from all over, from all corners of the world, people who are searching for solutions – saving solutions, practical solutions, applicable solutions – to improve, change, solve a problem in their life (from any sector of life). I often encounter people who suffer in relationships, people who suffer from relationships, people dissatisfied with partners, bosses, financial situations, career, children. People who have long sought answers are progressing, want more or realized they want something more than they originally thought they wanted.

   I have met people who before everything, know that in their case nothing works, know that it has no meaning and or purpose, who are absolutely convinced that everything is in vain – in such cases, personally, I invite them to contact me when they consider they can work together. It happened, most of the time within 3-5 months, they came back after their “grudge” passed, we worked, had good results, I still have people from this category that I work with.

   Often, people are ‘set out to achieve great accomplishments’, they want major, radical changes, in fractions of a second if possible, and clearly with zero involvement – unfortunately, I don’t know, I don’t believe, there is no such thing. If someone offers to ‘solve your problem, guaranteed’ – that person has something for sale, if not … read more carefully once again the conditions of return (refund).

  Be aware of the belief you have linked to your problem, you will see that there is a ‘connection’ that you created, therefore, being created by you, it is the only one that your mind perceives, do not laugh! – often, it has no relation to the concrete reality. It is only a piece of your reality, but which has nothing to do with the concrete reality.

For example, if someone tells you don’t have it in you to succeed, no matter who says it: your parent, a teacher, your partner, your child – it does not mean it is true! But the emotion and the state you feel at that moment (no matter what age or in what circumstances this happens) can be so intense that your mind instantly creates this ‘connection’, and just like that the ‘planted seed’ takes shape, from which the ‘connection’ we were talking about forms . Unfortunately, such a statement, implemented deeply, deeply because there is an impact – even if you do not see it, but you feel ‘my heart stopped’, ‘It took my breath away ‘, ‘ I felt Chicken skin ‘,’ I froze ‘- do you recognize these sensations? Have you experienced them? Try to remember and see what exactly you associate one of the above expressions, try associating it with a story from your experience, the first one that comes to mind …

    After the word has been thrown out, two things can happen, in the first case, and most often, the instant ‘connection’ is created and becomes active, in the case of the example above, if it happened before 7 years old ( It happens also much earlier), from there begins the devaluation, the feeling of inferiority, the fear of failure (and you miss opportunities because of this), self-esteem is low (- then anyway, you are no good, what does it matter if you brush your teeth or comb your hair), in the second case the ‘connection’ goes into a latent state – that is, it stays hidden and after a period of time it activates, ‘bursts out’, to make it easier to understand, have you seen children from kindergarten who at home and at rehearsal know everything, poetry, songs and dances, absolutely everything, and when the show begins, he blocks,  knows nothing, and most often the reaction is crying, the same can happen at Bachelor’s degree at the oral exam, at the faculty, at work, anywhere and anytime – what’s going on? A large amount of energy accumulates, which you feel puts ‘pressure’ emotion appears, you recognize the sensation, and that’s it, it is triggered, because the ‘connection’, although hidden, exists and was there!

      I was saying earlier that people are looking for practical solutions, to know that these solutions are not in a trolley, and are not kept carefully by certain people. People are different, what works in one case does not always work in another. It is certain that the moment you identify the emotion and recognize the sensation, you intervene, you stop reacting as you did until now, in the next second you got rid of it. Do not believe that these ‘links’ are beautifully placed like books in a library, not by far! It is true that they are, but they are like this, like 5 dozen silk thread gems that a few kittens played with! The idea is to catch the thread, to break it down – to observe yourself, to make connections between emotions, states, reactions including behaviours – this way you will have results, this way works, the moment you ‘caught the thread’ – the problem is solved INSTANTLY, on the spot. That’s how it works!

      I wish you much success, and I am glad that all I share with you is useful.

I wish you a prosperous life and wisdom!

Most of the time sacrifice is just a pretext!

    The education we received from our parents, and our parents from our grandparents, had a fantastic initial purpose – to be accomplished, happy and fulfilled. In addition to this initial purpose, over time, other aspects have been developed that have not been given much attention and these aspects have begun to expand and distorted the initial appearance. Let’s replace the ‘fantastic initial purpose’ with a round of roses! And, let’s replace the ‘developed aspects’ with some weeds! Obviously, the most beautiful round of roses, if not periodically dug and cleared of weeds, it is clear that it will be invaded by weeds and … in time, the roses will be suffocated by weeds and more, in time they will be savaged and they will no longer look like the roses in the initial round. That’s what the introduction to today’s article looks like.

You have no obligation and no debt to anyone in this world! You have two responsibilities:

1. You are responsible for who and what you are – implicitly who you have become!

2. You have a responsibility, towards the children, this responsibility is to provide them with a home and those necessary for their life and integrity (physical and mental) and because school is mandatory, it is the parent’s responsibility for the children to attend. This responsibility ceases when the child has become able to take care of himself, to provide for himself and the necessities for a living!

I have the feeling that the phrase above, the one related to responsibilities is kind of dark… but … if we remember that we have the same DNA with animals and plants, and if we think a little about animals in the jungle? They also have small, cute babies, which they feed, protect from the cold and rain and predators, teach them to hunt and from the moment the baby is able to take care of himself, to defend itself and to hunt, they leave- when I realized this, and I took a deep breath and I only had to accept that the things and customs took another turn, this related to the introduction – to the roses round. Stay calm, wild animals have two advantages over us (although we have the same type of DNA).

1. Instinct works on them – and it is based on instinct because otherwise, they cannot live there!

2. They do not run out of bacteria and have no signal problems and access to the network!

      At this point, it’s possible you feel confused because I said earlier that you have no obligation and no debt – precisely you thought of parents and implicitly of children, no, you are neither in-dept towards your parents nor your children! You represent the round of roses! It is your responsibility to dig, clean the weeds and combat the pests … if you act at the right time with the right tools and solutions, the rose ring will grow and multiply and will have a sublime odour – associate this with your life, with a round of roses! Your parents had and have their responsibility, they each have their own round of roses, your children have their own round of roses …

Grandparents are not obliged to raise grandchildren, parents are not obliged to raise their children’s children … children are not obliged and they are not obliged to give up their lives and purpose because a grandparent or parent has become helpless! Is this an interesting approach? Stay calm, I didn’t go mad, I’m getting close to the essentials – I think you realized it’s a delicate thing!

I will describe a context, in which each of us can relate, identify, to make it easier. Parents make children, but parents are still young, they would still have fun, go to work, implicitly taking care of their children goes to grandparents (!!!) – I used the words implicitly and goes to – these words make a difference! In the sense that ‘implicit and goes to them’ is a situation in which grandparents are not entitled to an opinion, their life does not matter, ‘any way they do nothing else, at least they can help with this…’ and the situation degenerates, the grandparents change out of debt, obligation and fear “What will the world say if they pay someone else to take care of the little one? (grandparents) Don’t stress, you’ll also need someone to bring you a glass of water! (parents) automatically conditioning appears, constraint, emotional blackmail.

If we remove from the context ‘implicit and goes to -‘ sounds already different … implicitly, the care of children goes to grandparents (!!!) – the moment when, parents and grandparents establish a strategy and a schedule, a length of time, in which grandparents actively participate in raising children (grandchildren in this context) and everything is in harmony and understanding it’s perfect! Attention, I said parents together with grandparents – I did not say that grandparents come to impose on the parents … ‘Don’t worry, I’ll raise them !’ and in time,

 the “help” granted takes other meanings and turn into blackmail- in some situations, in this manner, grandparents control the lives of the parents  ‘Where do you think you’re going? Who cares for children ‘and vice versa, parents in this way control the life of grandparents’  You’ll wait for someone to open the door when you’re older ‘and the game of ping-pong continues… When children make a blunder, you hear from the background ‘you did as … you are just like your mother / your father’ and, from the other end of the table you hear ‘Where do you think he learned that his grandparents raised him’, and just like this, the roses round is gradually invaded by weeds.

If I talked about grandparents above, I can’t help but talk also about parents! In the analyzed context, I used three generations: grandparents, parents, children and I will continue to use the same order.

   Often parents get to see their children set up, with a job, with a family, on a waterline, and when they thought they will reach a moment when they will have more time for themselves, grandparents  reach a point where they need support, after which from parents they become grandparents, and they get to analyze and find out how little they have done from what they liked or really wanted to do …

Now I’m back to the roses round. Because my article has the word ‘sacrifice’ in the title- a word that I kept in my arms for a long time and swung long and well, and it took me time to get rid of it, and now the natural question comes, how did I manage to get rid of him? The recipe that worked in my case is simple (it took something until I got it). I have associated the word ‘sacrifice’ with the word ‘victim’. When you have a reproach on someone with something that was related to your involvement at one point (no matter what plan) did you get involved in order to receive something in return? (and did you had expectations after your involvement?) or did you get involved because you felt to do so and did it with all your heart without any expectation? (unconditional).

When you end up in the position of a victim (you self-victimize) I don’t think you really know what it means: a victim has no right to choose and has no right to a point of view! That means to be a victim! Others choose and decide for you! When you self-pity and self-victimize, you are given the right to choose and the right to have a point of view. It’s terrible when you accept any situation. How do we realize that we are self-victimizing?

We reproach! ‘If I hadn’t gone… If I hadn’t given you … If I hadn’t supported you …’ seriously? So what you’re telling me is that you would have had a brilliant career? Could it be that you have a diamond with I don’t know how much karate hidden somewhere? Seriously? You left your brilliant career or you didn’t sit and admire in secret the precious diamond because you thought about someone else’s problems because you went, gave and supported someone … Really? Did you really have a bright career or … did you have dust in your eyes? Do you even have a valuable diamond or you just daydreamed of one? What is it all about? You didn’t have a dream life! You didn’t have a brilliant career! You didn’t have a diamond worth millions of dollars! You did not have! Instead, have found a pretext, an explanation, a justification in front of others why you didn’t have them! I mean: you sacrificed yourself (you chose something more than you wanted / you could) you threw away a dream life, a brilliant career and a diamond … so that (here comes the second part – continuation): I can raise my children! Not to disappoint my parents! to … Conclusion: You didn’t have a life, you didn’t have a career, you didn’t have a diamond, but … somehow you had to be a hero too! You had to have admiration and recognition from somewhere! And you poison the other by reprimanding your sacrifice, and you have a clear purpose to make the other feel guilty about your sacrifice!

Not everyone is predestined to have a family or a career! I saw people dedicated to their careers, I saw people who parted between their careers and their families and I saw people dedicated to their family! To have a child, a family, a career … these are your choices! You can mingle them exactly as you want! You can have a career and a family, you can have a child and a career, it’s really your choice! But to be assumed, to always know what you’re getting into, to know exactly what it involves, and to not count on anyone’s ‘help’! Know how to organize yourself and understand them all without needing any involvement from anyone! Everything you do comes from within you and is in harmony with you! To feel ok and go to sleep at night in peace! Everything you do, do it with love and do it in such a way that you can be reconciled with yourself, not to fret and grind within!

We judge, label, condemn! Obviously, we are in such a high and well-deserved position, and we have answers to everything, we ‘Saw them all and lived them all’ and we are definitely on the highest level from where we put everyone on their place, even if we suffer and mourn of how hard it is, we still have that … a momentum … and there comes a time when we are pissed off and scratch – clearly with the obvious purpose of drawing attention to ourselves and attracting people who will approve and pity us!

Take care of your round of roses, dig it up, clean it and weed it in time, don’t let the weeds invade it, don’t look for a pretext when you have no excuse, accept yourself as you are, nothing happens ‘by chance’ , absolutely everything comes with a clear purpose! If you get to wear the ‘hero’ mask, keep in mind that as time goes on, it will be harder for you, and I don’t think you would want to end up spreading venom everywhere with the intention of making others feel guilty that in the end, you get to drown in your own venom!

    Thank you for granting me your time while reading this article, I wish it to be useful to you.

I wish you a prosperous life and wisdom!

Is the other person always guilty?

  Love is absolute acceptance, without criticism, without prejudice, without comparisons, without tantrums and ugly words, if everything looks from the beginning in this way, and today it looks the same, it’s perfect.

    The man evolves with the passing of time, a couple can evolve beautifully in parallel, the moment when the partners evolve differently, one of them changes their vision, aspirations, passions (the one who evolves) automatically, imbalance settles in the couple, this happens because they are no longer at the same vibration level, causing distress, conflicting arguments, quarrels and misunderstandings – often leading to ruptures and disruptions (in the happiest case). Can you imagine what ordeal is in a house or in a family where people do not understand each other, where there are different opinions, easily reaching verbal violence (I believe there’s no need to speak about physical one) – and the question arises: ‘Why don’t I stop and both can go on their way? ‘

Because they got used to it! Because it matters what ‘the world’ has to say! Because they believe it would be too late to find other partners! Because they have children together (and for their sake they stay)! Wealth, social position – status! – These are some of the reasons invoked as reasons regarding leaving a relationship.

   The hardest thing is, however, until people realize that, in fact, they are not partners in a relationship, they are prisoners under the same roof – and they make a life sentence of it!

   I begin with the idea that life is not a condemnation! Any conflict situation (I am not limited to a couple’s partners, I mean at a large scale, ie, family, parents, children, friends, colleagues, bosses, neighbours, participants in traffic – wherever a conflict situation may appear) appears with a purpose:

1. You have something to learn

2. You have something to pay for- (God doesn’t beat !!!)

Very often the subject of ‘toxic relations’ is touched upon, debated, analyzed, reanalyzed – I won’t enter into polemics, I share from my experience, I do not claim that this is the truth and I am right, – it can be useful when :

    When you realize that a relationship is a toxic one, stop from doing anything and analyze. What is the purpose of that relationship (you have to learn something or you have to pay for something ), do not rush to run and end and get out of the relationship, but nor you should sit still and comfort yourself. If you approach the option ‘I’m done! I’m leaving! It’s enough”- it would be great to think it again … Why? This departure can mean divorce, separation, resignation, relocation, quarrel and scandals with slammed doors with parents, grandparents, children etc. – if you chose to leave without analyzing the purpose before, you reacted, not acting! Because you reacted, you left without acknowledging and resolving implicitly what you had to learn or pay what you had to pay… The universe, which operates on the basis of laws, there are many… but I’m referring this time to two of them, the Law of Attraction (because you did not solve the issue) and the Law of Resonance (because you did not solve the issue and remained at the same vibration level) you will find that at a certain time after: the interview for the job you took, the owner from which you rented, the new house you bought, the person you started dating – in order to have a relationship with, after 6 months, a year after you resumed the connection with the family, find out, the same scenario just with other characters, and surprise, you take it from the beginning, you spin around the tail, and you are brought exactly to the same point where you reacted (some time ago) and you ran away, and the Universe gives you another chance to solve the problem, to act before reacting.

It is very possible to remain focused on the ‘payment’ aspect – you can lose a sum of money, you can lose a car, jewellery with sentimental value, you can lose a house (or more), you can lose a child or you can lose your health. How can you figure out if you’ve solved it? Have you ‘lost’ any of the things listed above? Do you still consider it a ‘loss’? Have you not yet managed to reconcile with the idea and get over it, and to accept that this was the way it was meant to be and that everything happened with a purpose? If you have not succeeded yet, please take it slow, give yourself time, analyze, become aware that you have something to solve.

   You have certainly met people who say:

‘He ate my health’, ‘He ate my days’, ‘He made me sick’? And it refers to the partner, a parent, a child, a job, a neighbour, etc … in their vision, those people are perfect, they are ‘clean as a tear’ – I leave you to continue the idea further … Even so … is the other person always guilty?

     When you seek ‘help’, here I refer to consultations, psychologists, any type of therapist and therapies, check beforehand whether you have compatibility with that person and the respective therapy, trust your intuition, because that inner voice will never lead you towards the wrong direction, please do not understand that it will be easier for you … I want you to be sure it will be better for you …

     Thank you for following me and reading my articles, thank you for your comments, and I wish them to be useful to you!

I wish you a prosperous life and wisdom!