Who I am and what I do here

I’m a person, just like you. I had the chance of meeting wonderful people from whom I learned and whose example I followed.

At the present moment, I can say that after conscious and assumed choices, I managed to fulfil my dreams, and I managed to complete a few projects. Both in dreams and projects, I invested a lot of time, energy, and obviously finances. I say it from the deeps of my soul: It was worth it!

I studied medicine, psychology, personal development programs and Chinese metaphysics. I believe the most valuable thing is that I have applied and continue to apply what I have studied, and what seems extraordinary to me, I discovered that it works, so I have the opportunity to speak from experience, not just from what others have said or written.

I believe in transformation, I am sure that anyone can bring a positive change in his life, on any level, I have patients who have trusted my experience, and had the courage to try, and have even succeeded.

In my activity, courage, intention and perseverance are the keys that open the doors to success.

I have been planning this project for a long time, and I am very satisfied with its progress. It is a fantastic work behind it, but I do it passionately, and I am really happy and I am constantly finding a new challenge. In other words, a routine has no way to slip through!

In other words, if you want your dreams and ideas to come true, no matter on what level, family, relational, career, financial, if you want everything to go in the right direction, you are in the right place!


About Our Products

We have blockages at certain times, at the financial flow, career, job, company employees, you don’t get along with others or others don’t agree with you – at the level of communication. The solution is not to fall into depression or anxiety, it is not the case to close your business or resign, it is not necessary to divorce, nor to run away to hide in a cave!

Today, you have the opportunity to call a coach or a consultant, depending on what you want to improve in your life!

When we are “on the wave”, we are in balance, all goes well! The Universe catches our eye and the path to good is open to us! Every moment, we can improve something in any sector of our lives! Even if we talk about a job, business, finances, relationships, family, we can improve in every field- and, in essence, we all want that bit of ‘better’

Business Consulting & Website Design


“How much is enough.”
Do you want a career change? Is your vocation found in your profession? Are you looking for people for your projects? Are you involved in someone’s business? Are you in your place? Do you find yourself in what you need to do and represent what you do? Do you feel at ease? Are you thinking of starting a new business, or already have a business and want to improve it to introduce it in the online environment? Are your company already in the online environment, and you want to turn it into a gold mine? I provide you with my knowledge and experience, it is sufficient to complete the contact form, and I will answer you in the shortest time.

Chinese Metaphysics – Top practice and solution


“No snowflake falls in place and at the wrong time.”
Our inner balance mirrored in our outside, and everything reduced to vibration, emotion and intention. Improves energy flow, identifies the most potent sources of positive energy and applies their potential. You can restore balance and harmony in your home, business, relationships, with the help of systems that have been used successfully for centuries. Destiny analysis, the right time to start a business, a relationship, choosing the right home, arranging your own home, office, workshop, correct selection of business partners, employees, optimizing company resources, are just a few examples of the applicability of the systems used in Chinese Metaphysic. For any details, related to the consultancy, please fill out the contact form.

Life Coaching“Be before you have! “

You are the middle of a sea storm or on a snowy mountain? Do you shout at those around you? Do you give orders or ask for help? Do you feel alien to your life and do not understand the meaning? What role do you play in your life?

Are you in a toxic relationship? Have you just divorced or separated? Are you suffering because you were dumped? Have you lost a job? Have you lost a dear soul? Or do things just don’t go in the direction you want?

Do you know the causes? If not, we can identify them together, if you wish, please fill out the application form.


Crystal and Gemstone Mandala

The mandala is something extremely complex, it represents a multitude of symbols, from time to the mandala of its own name. It belongs to the Hinduism and Buddhism culture , in Kathmandu it is one of the traditional schools, where mandalas are made even of sand, it is a bridge between meditation, a state of contemplation for both the one who realizes it and the one who looks at it.

They are unique, can be made according to the natal chart, name, or can be made to order with a predetermined theme.

Jewelry boxes, souvenirs, or a personalized gift, suitable for any special moment, a ‘treasure box’ in which we keep unique things, which you are happy to receive and which you are happy to give!

It is wonderful to associate it with an event, a special moment with emotional load and high vibration.

They are made of natural material, crystals, copper wire wood, have a unique design, can be found in stores, also I can create personalized models, according to your preferences and intentions.


Personalized Bracelet handmade by Crystal and Gemstone
“Which ones do you choose to wear it says a lot about you!”
Semi-precious stones, crystals, wooden beads, Shamballa bracelets, all are wonderful! A harmony of colours that reflects your inner state and especially if you wear the right ones and your intention is clear, it raises your vibration, it charges you with energy, it protects you. You need the perfect combination, but please note, the crystals choose their owner, in conclusion: the crystal that is to reach you has to reach the right time! Do not ask me why the path has to come, because I can not give you an accurate answer! Those who initially came to me, you find them in the store, are ready to reach their owners after they were prepared manually only in combination with natural material, with much love.
Unique Mandala Gift box, Souvenirs handmade by crystal and gemstone

Jewelry boxes, souvenirs, or a personalized gift, suitable for any special moment, a ‘treasure box’ in which we keep unique things, which you are happy to receive and which you are happy to give!

It is wonderful to associate it with an event, a special moment with emotional load and high vibration.

They are made of natural material, crystals, copper wire wood, have a unique design, can be found in stores, also I can create personalized models, according to your preferences and intentions.

Traditional Tibetan Mala

The strands with 108 beads! Mala.

Made of crystals, gemstone and wooden beads, according to a traditional technique, where each knot has a meaning, combines day with night, sun with the moon, masculinity with femininity and Yin with Yang, Guru helps to set the intention and tisell has a number of 27 circles (27×4 = 108) and has a role in grounding.

They are frequently used in meditation and it is advisable to wear them on the left hand, because this way the energy flow is favored.

They can be made at order, personalized and some can also be found in stores.

108 is a magic number, if we want to separate this number, that is to analyze each number:

1 represents the whole, everything,

0 represents the vacuum, the vacuum in which a galaxy is located

8 represents the eight cardinal directions (main and secondary) if viewed horizontally, this eight represents infinity

27 chakras in Vedic astrology

54 signs in the Sanskrit alphabet

72 energy channels of the heart

More About Us

We all seek to improve something in our lives, on all levels, and we are still looking for “magic wand” so I invite you to watch together. The universe has given us a multitude of “tools” and knowledge to use throughout our lives to improve it. Metaphysics, it is the most extensive domain, it has applicability in absolutely any realm, the idea is to know what we need and where to look. Metaphysics is a clear, topical dome, nowadays easy to access, with extraordinary media. Today it is not hard to consult a specialist to help identify the cause, the reason why things do not go the way we want or do not go in the rhythm that we want. Our inner balance is influenced and influences in its turn the environment, the environment in which we are at any moment of our lives.

Every day in our lives, it is advisable to give us time, at that time, to use it for our benefit. Some people like to read, to meditate, recreational activities are an option, but what is most important is spending time with us. In the evening, before bedtime, make a brief retrospective of the day that ends, analyze the moments of the day, if we find a tense moment to come back to understand it and restore harmony. The balance inside us is reflected outside of us, in the environment that surrounds us in our relationships and our affairs. There are a lot of techniques and practices in metaphysics that can help restore balance in our lives; we can improve our health, financial situation and relationships. I am pleased to share my knowledge and pleasure with my experience.

Thank you and warmly welcome you for giving the importance of this site and your goodwill, time expressing interest in the message I am sending. Thank you, and I invite you to my lovely world. Like a human being, like everyone, with experiences in the daily. I have two beautiful children and a flourishing situation. I am at the age at which I have put in balance the time that has passed, but I have not quantified it in years. I balanced the balance like this: in aside, I put what I wanted, I have proposed, and how I have done all of this, and because it is about balance, I put in the other side, new projects, ideas, and much love. People have always attracted me. How the people express their thoughts, passions, how they responded in different situations, how they manifested themselves. In the past, when I was not aware because I was in the beginning, I was trying to understand, analyzing, I often judged people. Today, after many years of study, practice and experience, I can identify myself in the past, as an observer. Today, I no longer judge by appearances, I learned to analyze the effects and learned to identify the causes — the reasons why things happen in our lives. We’ve learned to deal with them, and so we can get together to get rid of the effects. I have studied medicine, psychology, metaphysics, are currently working with children and people with special needs – I am fascinated I have proposed, as in this project I have been working on for a long time, and I am very excited and proud of myself – this site, to find people who resonate with metaphysics, which I perceive the widest, studied field. Thanks again for your time and I’m d!waiting for you on my blog to be able to relate.

Since rehearsal is considered the mother of learning, I have often repeated mistakes, which I initially did not perceive as mistakes, but after a while, when I came to the conclusion that something is wrong … I stopped … and … obviously mi I asked a question, a simple and prevalent one. Why happened again …? In the end, it does not occur for the first time! Once you realize you are at the same point and already know the outcome – does it sound familiar? OK, we are in the right direction! – It’s clear! It’s not a revelation! It’s about when you wake up! When that clique happens, and you realize that the best definition of madness and stupidity has been affirmed by a genius! “To repeat the same experiment under the same laboratory conditions, and wait for different results – you have to call yourself somehow …” – Albert Einstein. These are the most precious moments! Such a moment marks a new stage, change, here comes our will! What direction do we aim for? Are we going to evolve? Stagnant? Or on the contrary, we’re revolting. Today, I am proud to say that I have gone through these three phases, in my view, stagnation is more unpleasant, even harmful I can say.