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When you want to improve something, it is good that before you analyze, to see if this change is necessary, in what proportion it brings improvement and if it brings concrete benefit.
If, for example, you noticed that your financial flow fluctuates, or you notice that your employees or colleagues in the office seem to have lost their enthusiasm, the electrical equipment will either “go crazy” or “get new”. -You get injured often, you or the people you work within that place, disharmony and communication appear ambiguous or non-existent – these are just an example I have offered to help you see if you need this service.
Because everything inside us it is reflected in the environment around us, and these all have a close connection with energy, we influence and are in turn ours, that is affected by the polarity of the energy, the flow and energy quality
The orientation of the facade of the building and the orientation of the main access door are closely related to the cardinal signs. Of particular importance are the relief forms (in this case I refer to constructions and different sites) located in the vicinity of the office (the building in which they are), which we intend to bring improvements.
Because Feng Shui is a practice of rare precision and accuracy, I want to consider the details needed for analysis.
I consider that evaluation and diagnosis as complete as necessary is necessary before any intervention. I mean that I will need data, drawings (even by hand), pictures, were essential for evaluation. The more accurate the data you provide, the more precise I can get.
My fee is £ 250 for evaluation. I make this assessment based on the data received from you (I have a form prepared with the details I need, which will be sent to you by email upon request), depending on the volume of contracted works, I will need 3-5 working days to honor your order.
If you need to move the team, this may involve other expenses, and if you are interested, you can request a quote.
This service, besides the evaluation, includes a remedy.
The remedies or cures that I recommend strictly based on the analysis done by me, involve other costs, (in the case of this service, you have a remedy included, which you will receive by mail from me) here I refer to the fact that I can to make them available (obviously after discussing this aspect in detail) or there is another option to make your recommendation and you will purchase them and use them (activate or deactivate – depending on the need) based on the proposals. I mention that the remedies and straps involve a different cost, are not included in the fee, for any details, please contact me.


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